About Us

Jumaworkers is an innovative crowdsourcing platform that connects Employers as well as Workers worldwide. Our platform specializes in deploying jobs to workers such as promoting on social networks, writing, testing websites, data entry, downloading, searching, installing and testing mobile apps right through to language learning, designing, sales and marketing.

How It Works

Here in Jumaworkers, you can be an Employer and/or a Worker.

As an Employer, you can offer jobs by creating campaigns and ran them to your preferred group of skilled workers or selected workers from a specified chosen country.

Created campaigns are being processed by our designated personnel and then released to be open to our workers. Employers have access to the development of their campaigns via our website.

As a Worker, you can earn money by performing jobs available for you. You can perform jobs anytime and there is no limit to how many jobs you can accept. If you have special skills, you can be included in our predefined group of workers where you can be offered special and interesting jobs and earn more money.

Once you perform a task, it will then be reviewed and rated by the Employers. You will earn money when your task is rated as “Satisfied”.